F Line Muni Streetcars, Vehicle Crash on Market — Updates with SFMTA statement

Photo: @hankish

Update (1:21 p.m. Tuesday):

MTA Chief Operating Officer Ken McDonald resigns. Streetsblog SF has more.

Update (7:59 a.m. Tuesday):

SF Appeal has more details, including quotes from Nat Ford and Bevan Dufty, the area’s rep at City Hall. Here’s what Dufty had to say:

“This accident was avoidable, Muni procedures require a minimum of one block spacing between street cars. I can’t imagine any excuse.”

Update (midnight-ish):

MTA chief Nat Ford issued a statement and MTA’s press release identifies the drivers of the F cars, StreetsBlog reports:

The two Muni Operators were identified as Lonny Butler, who was operating the moving streetcar (Car No. 1893), and Leonard Peralta, who was operating the stationary streetcar (Car No. 1007). Butler began as a Muni Operator in 2002 (he joined the rail division in 2007) and Peralta was hired in 1995 (he joined the rail division in 1999). Per normal procedure, both Operators will be tested for drugs and alcohol and have been placed on non-driving status pending the results of the investigation.

(See more about the statements and photos – there’s a couple of pics with Supervisor Dufty and the clean up after the crash.)

Update (9:48 p.m.):

More witness accounts from the Chronicle:

Witnesses said the driver of a historic orange streetcar from Milan was talking to a passenger when he suddenly slammed on the brakes. The streetcar hit a silver Nissan Pathfinder, sending several people tumbling to the floor of the car. The Pathfinder was pushed against a maroon-colored streetcar, crushing the front and back of the car, but leaving the middle intact. Two people were seen exiting the vehicle.

Update (9 p.m.):

Lines are cleared and bus service resumed, SFAppeal says.

ABC News has this video report:


From Streetsblog:

Witnesses told KCBS radio that the operator of the F-Train that hit the SUV from behind may not have been looking forward when the crash happened, that he may have been talking to a passenger.

Injuries are non-life threatening, and Supervisor Dufty was on the scene shortly after the crash, Streetsblog reports.


Photo gallery of the accident at SFAppeal.

Earlier this evening:

Two F-Line street cars and a vehicle have crashed on Market and Noe, reports SFGate and SFist. Train services were suspended and people are getting on shuttles instead,  according to the reports.

KTVU says the trains sandwiched the car end-to-end, and that the crash happened around 5:45 p.m. At least six were injured, reports SFAppeal:

True told us that he’s been told by the SFFD that six people were injured, with two of those people being transported to local hospitals. Those people were reportedly the driver of the car and the operator of the second (that is, the one that probably did the hitting of the car) streetcar.

Here’s a video report of the accident from CBS5.

Stay tuned for updates.

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