WTF happened on this M, Muni?

M Ocean View - Outbound
Photo by Flickr user balebengong

Muni rider Anna Rozhko retells a seemingly lame occurrence on the M-Balboa Park today:

So here’s the story, I was on the M line on my way back to downtown SF a little after 4 p.m. today (August 2, 2009) and I’m just minding my own business when I can feel the driver braking really hard and the next thing I know I hear us crash into whatever is in front of us. Mind you I was facing towards the back of the bus so I didn’t see who was at fault and how it happened. So, after we stop, almost everyone gets off the bus and I go over to the van full of people to make sure everyone was ok, and one of the women who was in the van asked me to call 911 because her phone wasn’t working, so I phoned them and they said they were sending police to our location. After I made sure everyone was ok, I got back on Muni and got home safely (Thank Buddha) …

There were no injuries, and [911] dispatch asked me so as well, which brings me to believe that they didn’t send any ambulance. I hopped on the next M line behind the one I was initially on until it was cleared, but I never saw any cops come to the scene. I know that the supervisor of the Muni driver did show up and take pictures and make chalk lines of where the accident occurred …

This happened at 19th and Junipero Serra.

If you know more about what happened Sunday on this M, let us know in comments.


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