Chaos on the 6-Parnassus

This unnerving story came to the Muni Diaries inbox from Muni rider “The Default Attorney”:

I have lived in the city now for about 8 years. Last night, going home on the 6, I witnessed one of the more disturbing incidents I have seen on Muni to date.

A woman, holding her child, gets on the somewhat already crowded bus, followed by a man who appears to be the father of the child, though he looks much younger than the woman. As they walk toward the rear of the bus, she pushes past a young woman who is standing, holding a stroller, and trying to get out of the way. The woman, still holding her child, pushes past the other mother saying rather loudly, “Get out of my way, you dumb bitch.”

Then she walks by two Muni fare inspectors who are already on the bus.

Apparently her male companion is trying to calm her down. All I can then hear is, “Fuck you, don’t tell me to calm down, I’m not fucking tripping.”

Next, after departing a stop, the woman with her child still in her arms, realizes that she wanted to get off at the last stop and starts banging on the doors. Then she yells, from the back doors, mind you, “Stop the fucking bus, you faggot!” She has some other choice words for the bus driver, but each phrase ends in “faggot.” Mind you, the Muni fare inspectors are standing right in front of her.

Then another woman in the front of the bus asks the woman holding her child if she could watch her language. The woman with the child and her male companion were about to get off the bus at the next stop at this point. This was a bad idea.

The woman with the child hits the roof. “What did you say, you dumb bitch?” She then carelessly tosses her kid down the bus steps toward her male companion, who had already gotten off the bus, and runs up to the other woman and gets in her face screaming a whole bunch of things and threatening the other woman, saying things like, “You don’t know what I go through, I’ll fucking kill you.” The male companion eventually helps get her off the bus, but then they start physically fighting. Lord knows where the kid is. The Muni fare inspectors get off at this point, one speaking into a radio. I couldn’t tell if they were actually reporting the incident or not, but up until that point they hadn’t done anything to interfere with the crazy mom. The last image I have is, as we are driving away, it looks like male companion is choking the woman up against the outside of the theatre where Wicked is playing.

As this group all falls out of the bus, a homeless guy who stinks to high heaven slips in the back doors before they can close.

Then some other guy in the back of the bus starts saying something threatening to any “Honkey would start shit with a sister like that.” I couldn’t make it out though, and I wasn’t about to turn around.

You know it was a crazy ride with the girl in the cat t-shirt and the feather in her hair seems like the only other reasonable person on the bus with you.

Got another crazy ride on Muni? Tell us about it!

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