Muni Video: 1980 Rollsign

Octoferret‘s is my favorite Flickr account lately. His photoset of outdated and inaccurate Muni signage was featured here on Muni Diaries last week. And last weekend, while searching Flickr for a photo to embed with another post, I stumbled across the video above. The best part — Octoferret claims to own these Muni relics. Talk about Geek Envy!

I might be a bigger Muni buff than the average Muni Diaries reader. But perhaps you, too, can find a nostalgic, quiet beauty in the video. Either way, enjoy. Parts 2 and 3 are after the jump.

Do you remember any of these extinct lines? Share those memories in the comments. Also, don’t forget we’re about to experience some Muni route deaths of our own in October. If you’d like to write an obituary for a loved bus line, let us know. Deadline is Sept. 30.


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