Weekend Photo Diary: God and Country

49 Van Ness
Photo by David Gallagher from the Muni Photos Flickr pool

Well, this was a big week for us here at Muni Diaries. On Monday, we gave birth to our first transit-diaries spawn: BART Diaries. That site works just like this one: Mosey on up to read or write about your favorite (or barfiest) time on BART, and enjoy the show.

The week also saw news of Routesy’s return to app-dom. We were finally able to finish our review of the iPhone app, after we were rudely interrupted by phony money-grubbers. Boo!

We ran a couple of great Muni stories this week. First was Joey’s telling of life on the dancers’ bus. Moral of the story: Hold on, girls! Next up was a story Broke-Ass Stuart made us aware of, one that ran on his site and we republished here, about a colorful ride on the Dirty 38.

On Thursday, we published our second-ever Muni Tune: entra solamente por na porta de enfrente, by Clancy. “Wow” is all we can say.

Thursday also saw the tragic news of a bicyclist striking an M-Balboa Park. We haven’t seen any clear updates on the condition of the cyclist. We only know that their injuries were noted by the Fire Department as “serious.” We wish that person a speedy recovery.

And on the lighter side of things, this week saw some really amazing Muni photography and video. We started things off on Monday with a cool collection of videos showing Muni rollsigns from circa 1980. On Tuesday, we ran a gallery of rather poignant photos of people reading on Muni, as well as the ironic image showing a long-ass wait for the 71.

We started things off Wednesday with a pretty snapshot that’s oh-so “life in San Francisco” by Plug1, and Thursday began with a really cool shot of some morning commuters on the 71.

Happy weekending!


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