Not Mincing Words for Muni or Gavin Newsom

Muni HQ
Photo by Flickr user Dawn Endico

Well, well. Our friend Matty Matt is never one to BS. That’s especially true in this eviscerating post he just published over at the NBC Bay Area website, trashing Mayor Would-be Governor Newsom and MTA for their self-congratulations of Muni’s improved* on-time record for the previous year. Some choice quotes from Matt’s article:

How could the Gavinator be so out of touch? Maybe it’s because Muni’s keeping the mayor’s office in the dark, just like they keep their own customers in the dark.

[A]lthough the longer-term average is up, the most recent metric shows that on-time performance has recently gone down. Not included in either article is any mention of the wide latitude that Muni affords itself for determining “on-time”: drivers have a window of about five minutes to deviate from schedule.

SF Gate’s article about the on-time report, here.

The Examiner’s, here.

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