• Terry

    Out of the many pictures posted here this one really caught my eye. Not sure why but maybe it’s because I just WON’T! sleep on Muni and would be aghast at myself if I were to and let alone fall asleep on my fellow rider. There are certain bus lines where alot or no riders nod off. The 16 A-B express buses always have at least half the riders asleep whereas the 14 Mission rarely does. I mentioned to a 16A-B express driver once how so many of the passengers are asleep and he replied, in a chastising tone, that hey- everyone on this bus probably worked all day 🙂

  • Aw how sweet. I can’t help but love this picture. Kinda wish I were there to see their faces when the sleeping guys wake up and realize they’ve all been sorta spooning sitting up 🙂

  • Benz0

    38 bus. See this guy all the time.

  • Most adorable thing I’ve seen all day.

  • Whitney

    So cute. haha but pretty sure the middle person is a woman. 🙂

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