• Aaron

    According to the Chron the man was seen on video being well off the train, then seen walking next to it and falling independently of anything the MUNI did.

    Problems with this “story”:
    1. Good reporters and reports are not biased. “We emphasize (likely)possibly. “<—Biased
    2. It is not reporting. Throwing a provocative headline up, a sentance worth of opinion and a couple of links with typos does not count as reporting, so how can you "report further"?

    Don't get me wrong, Muni Diaries is a great blog, but it is just that, a BLOG, not a reputable news source. Please don't confuse that and turn into a crappy blog like so many others have done…

    Heres the URL to the story:

  • Aaron, thanks for the comment. I take full responsibility for this post, which was hasty, to say the least. I made the edit, changing likely to possibly because I felt it was still possible that Muni was at fault. I’m certainly not the kind of person quick to blame accidents on Muni. This morning’s incident on the N is a perfect example. Perhaps my possibly is still too strong of language for some, but I stand by it. We still just don’t know what happened. To be fair, it could be any number of things. I will await official reports to pass that judgment. According to the SF Gate story you linked to above, “Authorities still don’t know exactly what happened.”

    We realize that we’re not a “reputable” news source. We’re mostly a few people with day jobs doing what we can to provide our readers with interesting Muni stories sent to us by those very same readers. But we also try to bring our readers interesting Muni-related news, with some light commentary where we see fit. That’s all we meant to do here. I do apologize for my error of stating that it was “likely” a Muni-related accident. I in no way meant to impugn Muni or its drivers. I do, however, stand by my use of “possibly,” as it is still possible.

    And as always, we value feedback from readers, so please, let us know what you think. Thanks!

    • Aaron


      Thanks for the reply, it really does mean a lot! I am an avid Muni Diaries reader (I check at least every day, most days at least twice) and it is good to see that the editors check the comments and actually listen. Believe me, I know how utterly ridiculous Muni can be on most days, and given the recent streak of Muni accidents it makes sense that this can automatically be attributed to the inane system that the MTA runs. Wasn’t trying to call you out, just trying to keep the quality of this awesome website better than the Chron:) (which, quite unfortunately, is one of the few real “news” sources we have in the Bay).

      Thanks for all the hard work,


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