New Deadline for Muni Obituaries

Dead Buses
Photo by Flickr user Bo-Alex

A month or so ago, we announced a call for obituaries to honor the lines that Muni plans to take out of service this fall. We set the deadline for submissions at Sept. 30.

Since then, a reputable source has indicated that the date of discontinuation of the routes listed below is mid-November, a bit later than originally scheduled (yay?).

So …

We’ve decided to give you a little leeway in penning your fitting tribute to the line or lines of your choice. The new deadline is Sunday, October 18. Oh, and no one seems to know what the 53-Southern Heights is or what it does. Any lovers of this poor soul of a Muni bus route care to step up to speak on its behalf, we welcome you.

So here are the lines that’ve been given a few weeks’ reprieve:

* 4-Sutter
* 7-Haight
* 16AX-Noriega “A” Express
* 20-Columbus
* 26-Valencia
* 53-Southern Heights
* 74X-CultureBus
* 89-Laguna Honda

Have at it!


  • The 2 Clement is not on your list… Does that mean it will start running its shorter schedule in October as originally scheduled?

  • Rachel, we only listed the lines being completely eliminated, but if you’d like to write an obit for a line like the 2-Clement, whose route is being scaled back, we’d love it!

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