Contest: How did the used condom get on the bus?

Can I get You Something Sir
Photo by Flickr user pusspaw

This summer we received a couple of interesting pictures:

Exhibit A: a cherry condom and a cherry cough drop nestled in the corner of the door of the 21.

Exhibit B: a used (we think) love glove hanging off of the ceiling (!) of the 47.

Exhibit C: lonely Jimmy Hat chillin’ across the seat on the T-Third (via plug1).

These pictures beg the question: How did this used condom get on the bus?  I hope this question aroused your interest and got your creative writing juices flowing because we are having our first short fiction contest!

(My apologies — bad double entendres cannot be avoided in writing this post)

What: Muni Diaries Erotic Short Fiction Contest — How did the condom end up on the bus?

Rules: Answer the question: “How did the used condom get on the bus?” in 250 words or less.

Mistress says: Give it to us by Wednesday, Oct. 28. (Deadline extended!)

Money shot: The winner will receive a goodie bag from Good Vibrations!!! We will read our favorites at our next spoken-word party, Muni Diaries Live! Under the Influence, on Oct. 30.

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