Don’t Miss It: Muni Missed Connections of the Week

Photo by Flickr user Kanaka’s Paradise Life

Ah, Missed Connections. How we love thee. We peruse thy pages with flight and fancy, and come away bemused or enthralled (throttled, even, perhaps), filled with blush and bluster, enamored and amused.

Our picks for Muni-related missed connections of the past week:

Thanks for helping me find the N this morning (Sunday) – m4w (downtown / civic / van ness)

I wasn’t trying to hit on you this morning in the civic center muni station, but after I talked to you I realized that I should have been. I think you’re beautiful and would love to know what you do when you’re not running races or marathons. I was the guy in the white shirt, trying to think of something good to say to you while waiting to see if the N line was still running.

Ha! “wasn’t trying to hit on you” is, like, the oldest one in the book.  Go, bro!

Blonde girl on the muni, got off at Montgomery! – m4w – 26

What’s up!

Saw you on Muni; you wore a white v-neck shirt with jeans at about 1:30 PM – we rode a few stops together and got off at Montgomery station together. I didn’t notice how awesome you looked until we both got off and started walking upstairs!

Me: fit Hawaiian kid with orange long-sleeve shirt and black jeans with black sunglasses

Just wanna chat over coffee 😉

Okay, two things here: Nice unintentional (I think) double-meaning in the title, dude. And the enthusiastic, “What’s up!” is really endearing.

I see you everywhere in your sweatshirt and shorts – m4m – 24 (nob hill)

It’s hilarious at this point how many times I’ve seen you all over the city– Duboce Triangle, Nob Hill, downtown, muni.

We both clearly enjoy the flirtation of it all, but I have to ask when it’s going to happen.

Let me know. 🙂

Hmm. Sweatshirt and shorts, huh. This could be anybody!

Send us your Muni Missed Connections. And stay tuned as we pick out the best Missed Connections of the week.

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