Newsom-Muni-Parking Meters: It’s getting ugly in here

Photo by Flickr user myelectricsheep

SF Weekly has a nifty play-by-play of sorts detailing the long, drawn-out drama involving our broken public transportation system, and suggested studies of ways to keep the thing afloat.

Muni Diaries isn’t taking sides in all of this, of course. We’d simply like public transportation to be affordable. That, and we feel like good ideas are worth exploring further. Good ideas like extending parking-meter hours in an effort to let those who choose to drive help pay the way for those unable to do the same, which his Gavination seems to be against. Even studying the aforementioned.

Oh, and the obligatory Gavin joke: Wait, he’s still the mayor?


  • JimmyD

    I’m pissed off at the massive increase at meters for scooter parking. From $2.25/day to $7.30/day.

  • Poor_Scooters

    JimmyD, while I feel your pain and this it’s ridiculous. You are dropping notes on EVERY blog, article, etc about parking. Stop blasting comment sections. Talk to your Sup.

  • JimmyD

    Ya know… if I were posting repeatedly here I could understand but I’m posting at different sites that are running articles about the parking. I’m flattered that you recognize my postings. It just means we visit the same sites.
    I have written to City Hall and my Super. I don’t just whine on blogs.
    And I won’t stop posting as long as there are articles being written about it or until the rates drop.
    Why does this annoy you? I’m not being an ass, just curious.
    Your handle, ‘Poor_Scooters’ gives me the impression you don’t care for those of us who ride scooters. I’m guessing you ride a bike?

  • Daishin

    I think the reason the Gavinator-In-Waiting is against extending the parking meter hours to perhaps 8pm from 6pm is that businesses, most especially restaurants, would be dead set against it. It’s like what’s happening now in Oakland.

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