Rug for Muni Lovers


Muni rider Chibbs alerts us to this must-have area rug for Muni Diaries headquarters: A $3,000 wool rug bearing the image of a Muni transfer.

From the dark corner of the internets, Chibbs found Swedish artist and interior decorator Carouschka Steijffert, who designs this rug as well as rugs bearing the image of the Milan and Copenhagen transit tickets. Muni historians out there, help us out: Is this a transfer from the days of yore?

And also, dear, dear reader: If you or someone you know purchase this rug, please, for the love of God, let us all know. A photo shoot would be in order, stat.


  • Beth W

    Oh, man. WANT. Seriously.

  • friscolex

    Oh, if only I could afford. I do love me a transfer (preferably torn off at the 6-hours-later-than-when-I-get-on-the-bus mark or, hell, a Late Night at 3 pm). In school I always had Fast Passes (1991-1998), but now that I bike, I get to use transfers from time to time… (along with the coupon books; f*ck cash…)

    I wonder if anyone knows the era of that particular transfer style?

  • eugenia

    I want us to do a photoshoot a la Newsom style, where he and the ex-mrs. sprawled out on some shaggy fur rug. Except it’d be the Muni Diaries crew in our jeans, splayed cross this awesome rug!

  • Dexter Wong

    I think that transfer is from the 1970s, because it tries to list all lines in a simplified form. Back in the ’60s there were several different styles of transfer (different bus lines, streetcar lines, even two different ones for the cable cars). This led the Muni to simplify the styles down to a few, like inbound, outbound, northbound, southbound.

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