Tagger arrest (from outside) on the 14

Muni Bombing As An Artform
Photo by Troy Holden

We’ve had plenty of public speculation as to SFPD’s patrolling of Muni, or lack thereof. Monday, though, the Ingleside police station chief’s daily report included a tagger getting arrested by a cop who wasn’t actually on the bus at all:

7:59 pm Mission @ Trumbull Graffiti arrest
Officer Hurwitz was on undercover patrol. The officer was stopped at a red light next to a bus. The officer looked up and saw a suspect writing on the rear window of the bus. The officer quickly stopped the bus and took the suspect into custody. Report number 091022362

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  • Summer

    OMG!!! So awesome!! I was riding the 24 home one night recently, wearing a longish dress that just happened to touch the floor when I was seated. I looked down at the floor to find fresh paint tagged all over the floor. The soles of my shoes were covered in it, and of course, it got all over the hem of my dress. I’m glad that I was on my way home.

    It’s about time these menaces to society are held accountable!! (And frankly, I wish you all would find a better outlet for your creative urges because I’m sick and tired of sounding like an old lady when I voice my opposition to this mess!!)

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