Your Muni ‘Day in Storm’

Tree VS Muni Lines
Photo by Flickr user Picklesthefirecat

An email from Muni rider Katherine:

Hey guys,

Man what a weathery day!

From SFAppeal: “2:43 PM: Not really related to what we’re talking about, but since this is already a Muni post, what the hell? MTA spokesperson Judson True says that the L Taraval’s derailed between 35th and 36 Aves at 2:05 today. No one was injured, and the cause for the derailment is still unknown.

L riders will be taking a bus between 22 and the zoo.”

My update: my trusty security guard friend, Myles, was waiting to board the train that “derailed”. Apparently it was switching from the outbound to inbound rails and a giant gust of wind caused the electric guide bar thingy and attached electrical box thingy to come completely off the top of train. He thinks the system power cables came along with it. Hence, no L service after 22.

Definitely not a good day for my good ‘ol L line…

The derailment follows a morning of general wet, humid commuting in which NextBus joined its friend Muni in total broken-down-land.

And we’ve still got the evening commute to go … ah!

What has your experience been like today?


  • Kath

    This does not sound like the update that my pal, Myles, gave me. I wonder where the disconnect was:

    From SFAppeal: “4:28 PM: True informs us that regular L Taraval service resumed as of 4:06. Apparently, the issue was a “split switch,: which is “when the switch–which directs the train from one track onto another–does not stay in the correct position and the wheels of the train go onto the wrong track.” True says that the MTA’s suspects crap from the storm washing into the switch area contributed to the issue.”

    The most important part is, the damn thing is running to the Zoo again and I won’t have to take a sweaty shuttle bus. Fingers crossed!

  • loren

    nextbus was down a great deal of the day (all of the bus routes were “no predictions” and most of the rail lines were inaccurate). Before noon, at least.

  • Chibbs

    It’d be nice if they kept such words as “derailment” for instances when the train, like, derails, aka the train goes off the tracks. But then I like my words to make sense . . ..

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