Trolley Dances 2009 (update w/more photos)

Giving the history of the J Church - Trolley Dances 2009

Last week, we told you of the then-upcoming event, Trolley Dances, set for last weekend around the city.

Sadly, none of us were able to catch the action. But we came across this post from Mariam In The City, in which Mariam recaps the action.

A choice bit:

As we approached 30th and Church the Muni driver announced over the loud speaker to look out the left side of the train for a special performance. Of course I was on the other side and couldn’t see much, but I did catch a few glimpses of the couple dancing on the sidewalk. Everyone on the train started cheering as the man lifted the woman into air with her puffy, black and white polka dot skirt. We all clapped and waved good bye to the dancers as the train moved on. It must have been quite a scene for people walking down the street wondering what was going on.

Read more at Mariam In The City. And if you witnessed any part of Trolley Dances, let us know in comments.

Journey through time in time because it is time, Deep Waters Dance Theater - Trolley Dances 2009

Blue Ramp - Trolley Dances 2009
All photos by Flickr user Steve Rhodes

Update (October 23, 10:30 a.m.): Here are some more photos we’ve managed to round up. First, from one of the dance instructors:





  • Kelsey

    I went to this. I was somewhat disappointed. I thought “trolley car dances would consist of the historic trolley cars or something. Not just a 15 minute ride on the J.

  • Kate

    I was in a coffee shop on 30th and Church where the dancers were hanging out between sets. They were great, and it was quite a thrill for those of us in the coffee shop (even if we were a bit confused at first)! We could see waving and clapping from the “audience” on the J, and we made sure to applaud when they came back into the coffee shop after each performance.

  • Grumpy McFrugal

    I hate that coffee shop. Overpriced & pretentious, sub-par food, zombie-yuppie clientele.

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