How many 14-Missions does it take?

The 14-Mission, as seen through the back window of another 14-Mission, with another 14-Mission to its right. Photo by Tara.

Yeah, so Tara and I were lucky enough to have missed not one, but two 14-Missions on our way home from Bloodhound last night. We checked the NextBus marquee at Eighth and Mission only to discover that it would be seven minutes until the next bus arrived. It was a nice night out, windy but not too cold (or maybe our booze had us warm enough?), so we decided to walk up to at least South Van Ness, where we could catch a 49 or 14, whichever came first.

But miraculously, at Ninth, we noticed both 14s we had just watched fly by us, one parked at the stop, the other on the east side of the intersection, waiting its turn. We caught that second one.

Then, at Tenth, all hell broke lose when we lost the cables, sparks flying. Fine, typical enough event on an electric trolley in this town.

But by the time we recovered and made it up to Eleventh, we somehow (the physics of it escape me) passed that lead 14 (also electric), and then were soon tailed by a third 14. Three buses of the same route, all huddled a mere 15 or so blocks from the origin of the route. Amazing.


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