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No lights on the Bay Bridge
Photo by Flickr user engnr_chik

All hell is breaking loose on the Bay Bridge, of course. Well, maybe not all hell. And not even all of the bridge. But shit is broken, and transbay commuters faced a choice this morning: Play hooky, or “brave it” on BART. Here are some of the more amusing tweets we found on this topic:

trebledmind Bay Bridge closure – planning for it = Crowded BART + stink

SFcalafia Lots of clueless BART riders today.

connortmcdonald Ooohh look at the adorable newbie BART riders b/c the Bay Bridge is closed/falling down. So cute when they forget to hold on.

morgandodge Overheard on BART: “Is there a nurse on this car?” Turns out there was and someone had passed out. I cannot drink this coffee fast enough.

itsjustgoldie BART was tight this morning. It was warm tho, better than the cold. But it felt like hot-mouth warmth, not heater warmth. *blorf*

Buttagood4you just because I didn’t give up my seat at bart does not mean I don’t have manners!

MrsGrams RT @someglory: Heard on BART: “I hear one of the major bridges is closed.”

HeyBarmold It’s like the Bay Bridge closed itself on purpose just to spite me. What’s got two thumbs and is stoked about the rookies on BART? This guy.

Here are some transit alternatives to BART, the alternative to trying to drive across a shut-down bridge.

Meanwhile, BART is offering a chance to win $100 by taking a bridge-closure survey. And Zog’s in San Francisco is offering free hot dogs to anyone with a BART ticket today.

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