Halloween 2009 on Muni (and as Muni)

(Updated with new photos below)

I wasn’t afforded the luxury of spending my favorite day of the year here in my favorite city. But I’ve done you all a favor and rounded up some of the best shots of people in costume on Muni. There’s even one example (above, by @nikilips) of someone dressed up as an actual bus (the Owl, natch).

Enjoy, and happy Day of the Dead!

Photo by @JasonShen

Photo by @jaenarae

Photo by @fortydeucetwits

Photo by @msmiling07

2009 halloween
Photo by boyinsf

Photo by CMRforall, who got onto an M this way!

You probably have shots of the be-costumed riding Muni, so why haven’t you sent them to us yet?

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  • Suzanne

    This last photo of is Chris! He was probably on his way to the Muni Diaries live event. He told a funny story on stage about a bus driver who stopped to buy a slice of pizza. Awesome costume!

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