Muni Recipes: Picnic Lunch a la 23

Muni Picnic


1 bag potato chips
1 jar Tostitos® brand Salsa Con Queso™ dip
1 tin sardines in oil
1 bag Skittles®, Fun Size™


Bring ingredients aboard any mid-Saturday 23-Monterey bus. For best results, board through back door without paying fare; take advantage of extra blind spots in new hybrid bus design to avoid scrutiny of driver. Take desirable seat in the front of the upper section, with good views, easy access to door. Be sure to take up both seats, even if you’re preparing your picnic lunch for just yourself.

Struggle to open Salsa Con Queso™ dip. Fail, owing to tight seal on lid. Smash bottom of jar on convenient grab rail until contents until it shears off, leasing cheese dip accessible.

Open bag of potato chips. Crumble a generous handful onto seat, sprinkling Salsa Con Queso™ to taste. Scoop out remaining Salsa Con Queso™ with remaining chips, alternating bites with sardines.

Finish presentation with Skittles®; leave bag on crumbled chip/dip covered seat, arranging so as to emphasize color and texture contrasts.

When finished, save preparation time on leftovers by drizzling remaining oil from sardine tin on floor; spread into patterns with bottom of shoe.

Serves one. Or two, if dainty.

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