Weekend Photos: Just in time for rainy season?

Cable Car in the Rain
Photo by Thomas Hawk

Well, well. The weather went and turned November-like on us, didn’t it?

Here’s some happy thoughts to carry into this weekend:

But on to happier (if wetter times) we go. Here’s a photo that came to us after our Halloween 2009 Muni photo roundup.


About this photo, Lucia has this to say:

Apparently no one who snapped photos of this Muni rolling around Mission, Valencia, and Guerrero between 24th &17th sent them in. We parked it on the plaza in Dolores for a miniMuni dance party. And then I broke my ankle, which is pretty much unrelated, but hence the delay in sending this.

And here are some remarkable photos that showed up in our Muni Photos Flickr group recently.

The Daily Ritual
Photo by Troy Holden

Photo by Flickr user bingolio

The in-between.

Photo by tangobaby

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  • Kenny L.

    The fare inspectors are a joke. The guy didn’t even know what my Translink card was at first. “You have money on this?” I have my FAST PASS on it…duh! Maybe they should become more familiar with the product and payment options before enforcing the rules.

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