Muni Party recap, with photos

We got a report Tuesday about the Muni party earlier this month. Quite the rowdy scene, as the video above attests. Here it is, from the organizers’ perspective:

We are excited to say that the Muni Party (November 12, 2009) was a great success. We were greeted at the M-Train stop at 19th and Holloway with a huge crowd of people, photographers, press, and police. We boarded the two car M-Train with 150+ people, and filled up the whole space. We rode toward downtown with high spirits screaming, chanting, and even singing songs by Journey and James Brown. On the way, we even picked up some bystanders who were waiting at Muni stations. We rode all the way to Montgomery Station, and as a group walked to the Muni Party After Party at Otis Lounge, chanting all the way. We had a great time dancing and mingling at the after party. It was an awesome experience, and we are planning on doing this again early next year. This time, we are going to have a ‘secret’ Muni Party by keeping the exact location secret until the day of the event so we can have a little more freedom. The amazing part of the whole Muni Party event is that we did not spend any money in planning this event, just lots of time, and help from sites such as Muni Diaries. Thanks for all of your support and helping us make this all possible!

Brianna & John


  • Wow. This is just pure obnoxiousness. So…these people “filled up the whole space” of a 2-car Muni train, so they could sing Journey songs and chant, “Muni! Muni!”? Why? So that they could be obnoxious and annoying and make it difficult for M riders who might want to relax on the way to their destination? Were people passed up at destinations because the cars were too full to accommodate others who were waiting for an M train? Fine if you need attention so bad that you chant and yell outside on the way to a party, but to do that in an enclosed space where those who need to board the train are forced to endure your literal cries for attention is douchebaggery at its douchiest.

  • eugenia

    I think this is all in the spirit of good fun, which i am all for.

  • loren

    i have to say i’m with sarah on this one. back when i was a student at state, when leaving for the day i’d have a big portfolio with me and would generally be exhausted from one or two 4hr studio courses i had just completed, and would just want to get home in peace and quiet. if this train rolled up on me, i’d be pretty pissed off, and probably wouldn’t even try to board. and considering the M trains are sometimes kind of sparse in the evening, i’d most likely be waiting another 15-30mins in the cold with all my crap. i know it’s “all in the spirit of good fun” and some folks would say “it’s just one train!”, but this isn’t what muni is intended for. i pay my fare so i can get from point A to point B, not to have all of my senses assaulted at once. i could almost wrap my brain around it if it were a demonstration or protest with a message, where as this is just annoying and pointless.

  • Erik

    I am also all for fun, but not when it involves filling up a train with shouting people just for the sake of filling up a train with shouting people. Where is a stabby bum when you need one?

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