‘Suspicious’ ‘Package’ at Montgomery Station (update)

Photo by Paul

Update: Paul sends this update:

Suspicious Package at Montgomery Station…now being recycled.

… along with this photo:

Hilarious, ain’t it?

Original post: Muni rider Paul sends this message of holiday cheer:

Putting a box wrapped as an Xmas gift in front of the Muni Kiosk window is one ‘festive’ way to to avoid contact with Muni customers! …..Leaves more time for this attendent to talk on the phone and file her nails! Muni’s finest….hard at work finding new innovating ways to avoid customer service ….now with a festive touch!!

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  • Now that is funny. Such a typical Muni thing to do.

  • Wonder if they saw this post and it shamed them into recycling it?

  • SlayerLady

    Yes, but there is no *after* photo of what was INSIDE the box. (If I had a camera phone I would snap one of my own.) There is now a change machine so MUNI riders can convert dollars into quarters without having the station agent send them off to figure out the not-very-obvious way of getting quarters from the MART machines.
    So it is actually improved customer service after all!

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