The San Francisco that might’ve been

San Francisco rapid transit plans (1956)
Image from Eric Fischer‘s Flickr account

I honestly can’t recall how I came across this. Twitter? RSS? Email?

In any case, the image above, published to Flickr by Eric Fischer, is a map of proposed subway and elevated train routes through our fair city. I often imagine what could be transit-wise, failing to remember that some of that stuff is more “what might’ve been.” Or, in some cases, it’s “what used to be.” The freeways-all-over-the-damn-place stuff I can do without. These subway lines, on the other hand, are the shiznit.


  • You know, for once I prefer what we have now, though I would love a B-Geary.

  • Sara

    Ooo, is that a BART line running down Lombard and up to the Golden Gate Bridge?!?! And a subway or train line running down Geary to 25th?
    I’d rather have the train go all the way to the ocean for, you know, selfish reasons, but DAMN, I totally want those things. I’ve always wished BART connected directly to Marin via the Golden Gate (I gather there are some serious engineering reasons why this won’t happen?), and Geary train is ridiculously overdue.

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