Weekend photos: My Favorite Bus Stop

My Favorite Bus Stop
Photo by eviloars

Among other things, this week saw the beginnings of what we hope is a concerted effort on behalf of SFMTA to alert Fast Pass holders of the Jan. 1 increase in the cost of Fast Passes. Details are here.

We also learned that Muni isn’t the only public transit system suffering service cuts this season. Both New York City’s MTA and the closer-to-home AC Transit reported upcoming slashes to service. It’s hard out there for … all involved.

But our favorite bit of Muni news this week was Mike Sugarman’s report on CBS 5 of one of the new voices of Muni announcements. And how she kinda … yeah, FAILed at that.

All righty then. Have yourselves a merry little weekend.

Photo by goodpotatoes

Ain't it true
Photo by hereandthereblog

Photo by moppet65535

Photo by mikedthorn

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