BART photo roundup

Riding on BART
Photo by Flickr user LeeFlicksPhotos

It’s a new year. Posting has been spotty here at BART Diaries, half owing to our respective vacations, and half owing to, well, a lack of content. That means you, dear reader: It’s time to spread the word about BART Diaries. Tell your friends, your families … hell, tell your fellow BART passengers how fun it is to share and read BART stories. Remember: This site is nothing without your submissions.

In BART-related news, the trial of former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle got under way this week in Southern California. There were protests outside the courtroom, natch. It ain’t gonna be purty. Mehserle is being tried for the Jan. 1, 2009, murder of BART passenger Oscar Grant. If you didn’t know that, now it’s safe to come out from under that rock.

BART also began issuing passes to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans on active leave. Very nice of the agency, wethinks.

And now, for more BART photos. Don’t forget: Another great way to tell it like it is on BART is by joining and contributing to our BART Photos Flickr group, from which we get so much of the beautiful art that adorns the posts on this site.

Happy weekend!

boarding bart at 16th and mission
Photo by schlachet

Dog on BART
Photo by echoes71

Firemen on the Rotunda
Photo by grimreynard

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