Do you sleep on Muni?

Sometimes you just need a nap...

Flickr contributor DavidTakesPics sent the photo above to our Muni Photos Flickr group. It’s not the first photo we’ve seen of someone asleep on Muni; it is, perhaps, the first we’ve seen of someone so camped out as to be totally obscured, under the tent, as it were. Kinda reminds us of a sweet and tender Muni moment from last September, in which two dudes were caught catching their Zs on an unwitting passenger. Hey, sometimes, nature calls.

But we wonder: Do you ever accidentally fall asleep on Muni? Lord knows sometimes your commute is longer than you planned. And sometimes, even the most upsetting ruckus can evolve into white noise, and lull us to sleep. Snoozing on BART is a well-established art, it’s true. Still, BART is no Muni. Is it safe or advisable to get shuteye on Muni?

Also, if you fall asleep on Muni, you’re going to miss all the great stuff that should be on this site. Instead, you might become that stuff.

Sweet dreams …


  • Do I sleep on Muni? I would not call it sleep, I sometimes do a little one minute nap.

    One amusing one I noticed is when I was in sixth grade and riding the 2-Clement and noticed this lady sleeping in one of those single seats on the bus. She was so knocked-out that when the bus hit the brakes, her head would swing and nail the handrail every single time. Everyone was looking at her wondering if she even sensed it.

  • I’ve definitely dozed on the 22 after a long day at work. But it is usually the same quality of sleep I get on a plane… And I always wake up in time to catch my stop.
    But I’ve had sleepers sit next to me many times. I hate when their heads start bobbing towards my shoulder!

  • Sara

    I’ve missed my stop at least once because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. In my defense, it’s only happened when I’m pregnant or medicated…

  • Richmonder

    I routinely catch a few winks on the 31AX…and I’m not alone. I guess the sometimes constant motion and the steady thrum of that diesel thoroughbred as it steadily makes its way down Bush or up Pine is conducive to nod-offery. If there were such a thing as a “relaxing” bus ride, I think any of the richmond commuter lines would qualify.

  • I doze off on the morning commute from time-to-time; I wouldn’t say it’s the smartest or safest thing to do, but it happens. Usually the morning commute is pretty quiet, though, so everyone else minds their own business.

  • Seven

    I very often see people sleeping on the 71 outbound at night. Never seen anyone have any problems.

  • mercedes

    uh jeff, the ‘two dudes asleep on muni’ that you referenced in your post are not two dudes at all. no no my friend one is a man and one is a woman. just thought it important to point out, as some ladies like to be referred to as women. sleeping on muni just ain’t for the manly. it’s for us ladies too.

  • Sus

    I’ve never full on dozed, but I have at times nodded off here and there. It’s rare though as I’m not very good at sleeping on transportation, public or otherwise.

    I did have someone try to use my shoulder as an impromptu pillow once on the 38 – I ended up slinking away to another seat trying not to disturb him (luckily I wasn’t boxed in like that dude in the linked post). The other passengers seemed amused.

  • Rachael

    I admit it, I sleep on the 29 a lot. But I usually do it if I’m in one of those side single seats and have a death grip on my purse. I would have thought it absurd to do it on the 22 years ago, but I guess I’m lulled into a false sense of security because I ride with just about the same driver(s) each day, and just about the same rotation of passengers.

  • Eloise

    It was a dark and stormy night, when, many years ago, I fell asleep on the 37-Corbett loop on my way home from work. I way awakened by the driver, who said “Hey, lady! How many times do you want to go around for a quarter?!”

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