Weekend Photos: Looking out on San Francisco

The Boat
Photo by Flickr user jwhiteman

I simply do not believe that another week has past. That must mean that 2006 2010 is almost over, right? So fast.

So a couple of bombshell Muni news stories dropped just before this post published. The first, and perhaps most crucial, is Streetsblog SF’s report that SFMTA is now considering a second round of major service cuts in May to close its still astounding nearly $17 million budget gap. Cuts would affect every line, and hike fares on the F, cable cars, and express buses. Ouch.

Also late-breaking, KRON reports that Muni stabbing suspect Bobby Brown was found competent to stand trial for his alleged crimes. We find that hard to believe, but then, we’re not lawyers.

There was also this report from The Thin Green Line (an SFGate blog) about how Muni’s ridership and on-time performance numbers are holding steady. You take the good with the bad, I guess.

The weekend advisory from MTA says that rail work on the L-Taraval line will be on hold for the weekend. Also, on Monday (i.e., MLK day), parking meters will be enforced. Enjoy your holiday, if you’re lucky enough to get one!

Photo by Flickr user jwhiteman

Inbound Church
Photo by Flickr user daniellallanlefebvre

4th and King
Photo by Flickr user captin_nod

Photo by Flickr user daniellallanlefebvre

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