Fracas/Clusterfuck/Armageddon at Church Street Station

Photos by “Doot doot, bleep bleep!”

A Muni rider whose only identification (I shit you not) is “Doot doot, bleep bleep!” sent in this photo of this morning’s N/J Church Street Station free-for-all, along with this dispatch:

I took a few snapshots of the Church station this morning after the N and J started dumping people off before the tunnel. These were taken at around 8:15am – as you can see it looks more like New Years Eve.

We’re gladly accepting more accounts, be they written or photographed. Here, please.


  • JimmyD

    Gotta say… for the first time I can recall, the morning news (KRON 4 for me) actually announced problems with the N and J lines.
    I turn on the news when I wake up and don’t shut it off until I’m walking out the door. Usually I don’t find out about a problem til it’s too late.
    (I live a two minute walk to all trains in the Market/Church hood.)
    So… for once… Yayy news!

  • I see me in the picture. Yeah, the was not pleasant. Especially since they knew about it and did not tell us until we were already at Church. I would have gotten off early and took a different route.

  • Daishin

    It is time yet for SFMTA to re-negotiate MUNI unions contracts? I still think that we should pay the union workers what they deserve for serviced rendered. In the case of MUNI, that would be absolutely nothing.

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