Angry CCSF mob waiting for the K

We interrupt today’s programming to bring you the latest from the battlefronts of your Muni war. Just another day, another front.

The above photo was sent in by Muni attempted-rider Christian, who has this to say:

Muni is being rediculous today. 3 trains have passed the stop going the other direction and the nextmuni time predictions are useless. Who knows when I’ll be home.

We’re not sure where all this week’s fail (operational and budgetary) will lead. We just hope there’s some way to salvage what could and should be a transit system worthy of its ridership.


  • Noah

    Ridiculous does not have an “e”!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daishin

    I think it will take some sort of a MUNI mutiny by riders for there to be any real change in MUNI service. Back in Willie Brown’s day, the whole system went down one afternoon and people simply stopped taking it. That was the catalyst for the changes to the the new streetcars and some accountability. I think it will take at least a 50% protest by MUNI riders for anything to drastically change in our transit system.

  • Marcie

    Today was just the nasty cherry on top of an entire week of Muni hell. An hour and 45 minutes, three different attempts to even get on a bus or train, three calls to 311 and two complaints filed, I got to work. I should have stayed home and worked, and I actually have that option sometimes, unlike many other riders. Ugh!

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