• friscolex

    My dog has that same muzzle in blue. (Thanks, Noe Valley Pet Co.!) His snout fills it out, but both dogs looks so cute in it!

    BTW that restricted hours thing in the MTA rules seems new. I remember double-checking the rules last time I took my dog on the bus and don’t remember seeing that clause. This could have been a year ago, but wtf?

  • The restricted hours have been in effect since June 2008, at the earliest. I rode with my Boston terrier pretty regularly back then, and my job made it convenient to ride with her within the allowed hours.

  • Oh, and that’s awesome about Noe Valley Pet Co.

    • friscolex

      Yeah, they’re awesome over there. I try not to spoil the beast too much, but it has a good selection of non-scary muzzles and those awesome boiled wool toys that are indestructible…

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