Photo Diary: Metrosexual Rage on the 21-Hayes

21 Hayes
Photos by KayVee.INC

Saw the above gem via @nom_de_guerre this weekend. Indeed.

5 Fulton

And then this screed came into my Google Reader this morning, via Mission Mission. I call it “Pastry Rage on the 5-Fulton.”

I dunno. Looks like slightly different handwriting to us. Check out the difference between the two “ON THE”s. Different N. Different H.

Still, we hope this is the beginning of something new and totally life-altering. Or something.


  • Chibbs

    Apologies for the lag time here — and the lack of anything other than a dissenting vote on the theory that there might be two writers. Look at the variety of “R”‘s in both messages — you’ll see that they match more than they differ. [And the only reason this snagged my attention is that I used to do this sort of thing as part of a job — matching handwriting samples to other handwritten evidence.] I like the — ahem — lone writer’s idea; hope to see more posted here.

  • Chibbs! You’re right! It’s like a consistently inconsistent variety of Rs. Sometimes curvy, sometimes straight-lined. Also, the “THE”s are remarkably similar. I knew it was probably the same person, and here, upon further inspection, I think you’re right. Yes, waiting to see whether this sticker bandit strikes again.

  • eugenia

    I feel like I am in an episode of CSI.

    But my money is on this being the same person. It’s from the same Flickr user, right?

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