No Green Buses Today

Termius in Green
Photo by Telstar Logistics

But we’ve seen a few noteworthy St. Paddy’s Day-related tweets cross the wires, including:

I’ve already been pinched twice by total strangers. Is everyone on my commute Irish or just jerks?! by @Hilary_Laurie

priest on the muni isn’t wearing green. hmm. by @rachelpartdeux

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, folks. Party people, do me a favor, do not get on a muni metro between 11pm and 12am please. Just let me get home. by @rnaglejr

I’m guessing the drunken, stumbly man in a green t-shirt on Muni at 4:30 pm is related to St. Patrick’s day festivities. by @pui_ling

What about you? What did you see/who did you pinch today on Muni?


  • Got pinched coming out of the Hemlock last night. Does that count?

  • Rob Nagle

    It would seem most revelers heeded my tweet. There was one dude in a green shirt who fell down next to me on the train and then sort of leaned on me the rest of the way home, but he wasn’t completely trashed and the train was oddly mellow. It was an N.

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