State Money Coming MTA’s Way, After All

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The governor pulled a major about-face on Monday, signing a bill he had promised to veto (SFGate, Contra Costa Times, Streetsblog SF). The legislation will restore the state’s gas-tax revenue to transit agencies across California (including SFMTA, BART, and AC Transit). MTA is set to receive an estimated $36 million. MTA Director Nat Ford says that might be enough to delay and/or reduce service cuts and fare hikes that are scheduled to kick in this May. Emphasis on “might” here, folks.

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  • Tom Prete

    The state money is a temporary fix that takes off some of the pressure for lon-term reforms. I can’t tell yet if the gas-tax change is temporary or prmanent, but it only matters a little. $36M won’t fix Muni, but it will make it seem less pressing to make structural changes such as those SPUR suggested.

    My guess is that Muni’s real problems will continue getting worse while all the decision-makers think they are off the hook to do something until next year. C.f. the state Legislature in the Gray Davis era.

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