Muni Metaphors, Part 2: Dating

Bus Stop Pizza
Photo by Troy Holden

Last month, we posted a call for metaphors comparing our lovely little beleaguered transit system to, well, to anything readers wanted. We got some nice responses.

But now, over the last 12 hours, we’ve seen a couple show-stopping tweets of the Muni-metaphor variety. They’re both of the same sub-genre:

“muni is like a dude you sleep with once who steals all the covers and keeps trying to have sex with you while you’re trying to go to bed.” by @janee_


“Muni is like a dude you wake up to after a drunken night of alchool & thrown up pizza in your bed.” by @moMegs

So it’s time for another request: Single people, recently shacked-up, married, whatever … think of your best or worst dating experiences and compare them to Muni. Okay, GO!


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