iPad, Muni, everyone, their mother

Anyone who spent the tiniest amount of time online this weekend was surely bombarded with some combination of “iPad” … “Easter” … “iPad” … “iPad” … “Final Four.”

The more cynical of us are wondering if when the first iPad theft on Muni will happen. We know that iPhones were getting snatched out of people’s hands on the bus last year, so these lightweight, pricey iPads might be just begging to be lifted. In fact, Jim Herd of SF Citizen bet on tomorrow at 5 p.m. in his office pool. Good luck?

But reader Mary has just the solution for you young and oh-so-connected types: Yes, it’s the urban camouflage iPad case. Mary found this via Makezine.com (pictured above). Mary has this to say:

It’s such a funny combination of cheap, scruffy and old + shiny, new and expensive. I would totally use this to conceal my iPad (my hypothetical iPad) on Muni so no one steals it!

Because, really, what would-be thief would hover above you to see what you’re reading before yanking your Precious away from you?


  • onlymerk

    what’s with this trend on popular cultural/city blogs where a phrase or word has that slash through thing indicating the phrase or word was an error followed by the correct phrase or word? what the fuck am i supposed to get from that? i don’t understand the tone at all…am i supposed to be charmed that the writer is acknowledging that they made a grammatical/factual mistake? why would i be charmed by that? thanks…

  • Yup, what Matt said. It’s not a correction. Meant to be funny. Just last week I had to explain to someone that I was being straight when they think I was being snarky. I think I should go full on David-Foster-Wallace and do a footnote for everything…

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