Cars of 2-Car N-Judah Separate (w/more photos)

Oh shit! @immunoqueen was on the scene. She sent us these photos. Cra-zay! From immunoqueen:

It’s kinda awesome that after weeks of reading posts about strange disasters on Muni that I get to add my own, even though it means I’m stuck on my commute home. Here are some pics I took with my iPhone; I have some other blurry shots of the tunnel where you can see the surrounding stalled trains as well if you want them. The last one is of the wall next to the tiny space in the tunnel we had to walk along to evacuate.

Update: Default Attorney, whom you may recognize from comments on Muni Diaries, and who tells us he’s started a new site Between the Lines about what people are reading on Muni, sends us this photo of the fiasco:

@immunoqueen’s photos (also, the top photo is from her):


  • tom

    man, so glad i don’t have to ride the n anymore. motorcycle = best money ever spent.

  • Alex

    So what happened? Did the coupler break (they already had to deal with this once before a few years back when they were only running one car trains)? Did the articulation joints break (they’ve already had serious cracks in them…)? Did the computer freak out and command the cars to uncouple (yup. the electronics in the couplers have been problematic too…).


    Makes me glad I own a car.

  • I believe it was the flux capacitor (Happy 25 yr anniversary Back to the Future!! Wish I were at the screening at Dolores Park. Kinda. Brrrrrrr.)

    Thanks for the shout out guys! Wow. Proud to be mentioned and part of such a great community!

  • Erik

    That would be fun, I’ve always wanted to walk through that tunnel.

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