Teen Talk on Muni

Muni #1, 8:27pm
Photo by Flickr user Neil

Saw this item on the reader this morning: Mission Mission points to a post on Hidden Host (now we wish our site’s name was an alliteration), which gives us a fine helping of what teenagers talk about on the bus.

For example:

Your cousin already got an iPad.

She keeps calling and like, asking if she can meet your cousin.  NO.

You went to your cousin’s house and saw his new pair of sneakers, and you are able to readily attest to the fact that they are “dope”.

Reminds me a bit of this OH gem from just the other day:

Overheard on Muni, spoken by an early 20-something: “She’s doing old person stuff today. Like sending emails.” – @karenmckevitt

So, naturally, we turn to you: What nuggets of wisdom have you heard spew forth from teenage lips while riding the bus lately?


  • One time on the J, some punkass teenager rolled his eyes at a man who wanted to sit in the seat next to him. The man got offended by the sass and the two started yelling. I actually heard “You want to take this outside?” So at the next stop, they got off for a second before realizing they were both incredibly stupid. When they got back on, a teenage girl told the older guy:

    “You’re a grown ASS man!”

    It was her way of saying he should know better. He actually seemed to understand though and began to calm down.

  • me

    On the 38L. Three skinny, pimply teen-aged Asian boys (one with some serious mouth metal). One goes, “There aint no hot girls on Muni. My friend told me ‘go ride down in the Marina if you want to see hot girls, but there wasn’t nothing there.”

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