Sonic Enhancement on Muni

Video by RobotGirlAttacks

Yesterday, we tweeted SFist’s Afternoon Palette Cleanser, “Opera” on the Muni. There’s so much to say about that, but I think SFist’s Jay summed it up just fine:

“[T]his is a town that loves wackiness and loves to interact on public transportation.”

Damn, that would make a nice Muni Diaries tagline, dontcha think?

Anyhow, to continue that theme, we bring you this (improv) ditty from the back of the bus. My favorite part is the girl near the camera, who seems none too thrilled, but then starts bobbing her head around 0:36. Rhythms can be infectious that way, eh?

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  • eugenia

    Funny it took the woman so long to really get into it – I was totally charmed by the singing there seconds into the clip!

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