Saving Muni From Itself

Ignoring The Space Between Windows
Photo by eviloars


SF Weekly’s cover story this week is a bajillion-word feature that finally does the myriad ills affecting Muni some justice. We won’t spill too many words here, so as to save your retinas. But please, if you ride and/or care about the future of public transit in your city, read this article.

The feature comes on the heels of the Board of Supervisors yesterday rejecting a motion to strike next month’s 10 percent service cuts (via Streetsblog SF) based on violations of state environmental regulations. And, for what it’s worth, Matier and Ross blame the operators union (exactly the kind of finger-pointing and blame-gaming the SF Weekly article disparages … the problems with Muni are as complex as navigating SF streets in a 40-foot articulated, you guys).

(We apologize for yet another interruption from our regular, storytelling programming. We feel this to be important enough. Plus, we’ll be back shortly with more wild tales of life aboard the mobile circus that is Muni.)

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