Mormons in the Mission via Muni

Fly Away on the Bus of My Dreams
Photo by Thomas Hawk

Ed. note: Okay, lately in the land of Muni news, things really suck, for Muni, for the victims and their friends and family, maybe for you… But we’re a story-telling site after all, and we received this charming story from Muni rider Daishin on Wednesday just before the tragic accident at Mission and Beale. It perfectly encapsulates why the show here must go on. See for yourself.

Occasionally I’m forced to take the 14 into La Mission. The last time I did this BART was having problems from Powell Station to 24th Street so I hopped a 14. At the second stop at Mission and 8th Street a gaggle of Mormon Missionaries boarded the bus. They were fresh-faced boys looking a little out of place with their dark suits, white shirts and ties. They were a little noisy for Mormon kids, laughing and poking each other. Three lovely transgendered ladies dressed to the nines got onto the bus right behind them. For a second I was concerned that maybe there would be some altercation between the two groups, being that the Mormons had just put so much support behind Proposition 8. But instead the trannies plopped themselves down in the middle of the Mormon boys, and started talking with them. Soon the level of the conversation was quite loud and humorous. They were exchanging ipod tunes lists, discussing fashion and make-up secrets. The trannies got off at 16th and Mission said goodbye and hugged all the Mormon boys.

I have to say it was one of the most interesting interactions I’ve experienced on Muni. I guess this is what people mean when they say there’s a lot of diversity in San Francisco.

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  • It would’ve been amazing if there had been a picture taken – that would’ve been a sight to see!

    Good to hear a more positive story that involved Muni. My heart goes out to everyone involved in the recent tragedies.

    Here’s to hoping that Muni turns a new leaf!

  • Gender Cop

    Why the superfluous quotation around the word ladies? Gender policing ruins a great story.

  • Erik

    Oversensitive commenters also ruin a good story.

  • Daishin

    Well, to clarify why I used quotations around the word, “ladies”, was because I wasn’t quite sure what the politically correct word would be for people who were dressed up like what we used to call “drag queens”. I had the distinct impression that these individuals were not simply transgendered but were also mimicking women in a campy fashion to some degree. To put it in other words, I don’t think these people were attempting to pass as women conventionally but rather were out partying. I don’t especially like the use of the term “ladies” at all but in this context, it seemed as humorous and out-of-place as any word I could think of.

    • loren

      thanks for clarifying Daishin! i kind of had a feeling you might have been talking about drag queens and not transgender (and/or transexual) women, which would have made the quotes more appropriate in my opinion (after all, drag is often about performance and over the top mockery). i know the word ‘transgender’ is often used as an umbrella term for all gender-variant folks, but since you weren’t specific i thought there was a chance you actually meant transgender/transexual women, who identify as women and live it every day. glad i was wrong 😉

      • Daishin


        I will “clarify” my description of the transgender women I saw on Muni once again. These individuals were not drag queens (men dressed in over-the-top mockery of women). They WERE transgender people who were dressed as very glamorous women. They wore elegant outfits, hair and nails done, make-up and jewelry. They did not have visible facial hair or “obviously masculine traits”. I think the point I was originally trying to make is that these particular people were quite unique and a rare sight even in San Francisco. That’s what made the whole encounter not only interesting but very liberating.

        • loren

          i realize that i may have misread your initial reply, i suppose i understand what you were driving at now. but still, the politically correct words would have been ‘transgender women’ or just ‘women’ (without the quotes), if the word ‘ladies’ bothers you so. you have to understand that in the context you provided it, it seemed like mockery/irony.

          also, just a small tip from a trans person:
          although it doesn’t bother me personally, i’d say a majority of transfolks don’t really like being called “trannies”. it’s one of those words that is being partially reclaimed by the community, but there are still many that take offense to it. so, i wouldn’t use that word so much unless you want an angry earful someday.

          sorry to make a mountain out of a molehill.

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