A pair of off-track F-Market sightings

The Long Commute

Whereas Telstar Logistics spotted his piggy-back streetcar along Interstate 80 East near Park City, Utah (above) earlier this year, Tara peeped this one (below) heading south on 280 the other day. Pretty darn cute, right? Oh, 1080 and 1096, come back and see us soon, please.


  • … averaging better than 8.1 mph.

  • Brandon

    I actually saw a Muni bus a few years ago on interstate 90 near Syracuse, NY. I think maybe they make them somewhere over there and then actually drive them across the country to SF…

  • Alex

    The hyrbids are made by Orion International (the same folks who made the previous short buses MUNI had… the ones whose frames were cracking rendering them unsafe to use). Orion is based in Mississauga, ON. The whole Buy American thing requires that transit vehicles purchased with federal funds be assembled in the US of A… so Orion does final assembly nearby in Oriskany, NY.

    Orion’s buses were/are so bad that for a long time the city of Toronto (near Mississauga) would not buy them.

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