Woman waiting for bus injured at 21-Hayes stop (w/update)

Update (7:31 a.m., Thursday): The Examiner has more — a driver was already fleeing a hit-and-run with another vehicle. The woman at the shelter sustained broken bones, but her injuries aren’t life-threatening. From The Examiner:

The suspect, a 35-year-old man, rear-ended a vehicle while headed westbound on Hayes Street near Baker Street at 6:40 p.m., Lt. Liam Frost said.

Fleeing the collision, the driver threw his Ford truck into reverse, but ended up jumping the curb going backward, striking a woman and taking out the bus stop, Frost said.

The woman, said to be in her late 30s, sustained broken bones, but her injuries were not life-threatening, he said

Original post: This report comes via @theSusyness:

I saw the photo on facebook. The bus stop was plowed into by a car, a woman was sitting in the bus shelter waiting for the 21 bus. I’m hearing that the driver has fled, believed hit & run. Originally I was told the pedestrian was killed, but now I am hearing the woman is alive. It happened today, just an hour or two ago.

We’ll update this post when/if we learn more. We really hope the victim is okay.


  • I heard the crash. It sounded intense. The girl was on the ground in pain but it looked like it was just a broken leg (or maybe both). Hopefully that’s all it was.

  • 3ric

    I was parking as this happened. The driver of the truck rear-ended a woman in a bmw and they were arguing, or rather he was yelling at her in the street. She rolled up her window and was making a call. He then took off in reverse and hit the bus shelter. What a dick…

  • Wow. When I lived in the Western Addition (this was b4 Nopa), this was one of the bus stops I would wait at. How scary. I believe that is the closest stop to that gigantic city-block of a building that seems to be some sort of convalescent home or something. I remember waiting for the 21 with a lot of elderly people. If it was one of them, this could have been a lot worse. My thoughts go out to the victim.

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