J-Church derails between 20th and 22nd Sts (w/updates)

Update (10:54 a.m., Sunday): I guess SFMTA (5:09 p.m.) and KTVU (5:43 p.m.) don’t have Muni Diaries in their RSS feeds. Wait, do those folks have RSS feeds?

Update (4:38 p.m.): Shuttles are available between 16th and 30th Streets. (511)

Original post: Suzanne sent us the photos (above and below), and had this to say:

I waited on Market Street from 1:55 until 2:35 for the J Church to arrive to go to Bernal Heights. Then, just past 20th Street, past the park, in that narrow rail road channel the train derailed. It was a two car train packed with people and old people. The driver waited about 3 minutes without any communication then just told people to get off the train. There was nowere to go in that narrow passage way. Some people walked down, others walked up. Another muni train came up behind and it told people to get off the tracks and to walk away because it was a dangerous place to be. So people walked two blocks up the passage way.

There’s no word from MTA about this incident. We’ll do our best to keep you posted.

More photos after the jump.

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