Muni Missed Connections: Cupcake Edition

Strawberry Macaroon Cupcakes
Photo by Flickr user Aaron Landry

We begin this latest round of Muni Missed Connections with a tale of cupcake kindness on the 19, of all routes:

u gave me a cupcake b4 u got off at 24th or 25th, thought that was really sweetie, would b nice if every1 on the 19 was sweetie like u, prob wont c u again since I’m not on the 19everyday(thank the lord) so its a good thing CL has this section4u2find me, very sweet

Next, this 30-something might have found his cougar siren, reading The Leopard, no less, on the mysterious 39L:

You’re probably a good 20 years older than me (and likely far too classy for the likes of a tattooed ne’er do well like myself), but every time I see you waiting at our bus stop, my heart starts racing…we almost always sit across from each other, if not very close, and every time I can’t keep my eyes off of you. You’re elegant, sexy, and I imagine what it’s like to be with you every time I see you… Thanks for making me feel alive! (and if you’re ever feeling daring…well, you get the idea)

And lastly, we have a couple of altruists (they never find mates, do they?) on Muni. One observance started with the object of affection giving up her seat for a mother and baby:

In the distance between caltrain and embarcadero this morning you: Gave up your seat to a mother with baby; Smiled at her little boy enjoying the muni ride; Sang under your breath; Lost your balance for a second and then subtly looked around to see if anyone saw. That was cute. Can I buy you coffee?

This estranged soul was touched by a good Samaritan who gave her a Muni transfer:

as I grew more and more flustered with the non-dollar-bill-accepting change machine.

When Muni missed connections are actually made, we wanna hear about that, too, mkay? Post your Muni stories here.

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