‘That One’ Comes to Town

Danboard & President Barack Obama
Photo by 邪恶的正太

Despite the fact that Warren G. Harding died here in 1923 (of pneumonia) and Gerald Ford suffered an assassination attempt (Sarah Jane Moore, released from prison in 2007) here in 1975, Barack Obama is pressing his luck and visiting Baghdad by the Bay tomorrow.

Why do we care? Well, not only are we still wearing our Obama T-shirt (hey, it’s almost laundry day!), but this presidential visit will cause some minor Muni disruptions. Street closures from 11 a.m. Tuesday to noon Wednesday include:

· 4th Street from Market Street to Mission Street
· Mission Street from 3rd Street to 4th Street

Affecting service on:

· 8X /AX/BX Bayshore Express
· 14 Mission
· 14 L Mission Limited
· 14 X Mission Express
· 30 Stockton
· 45 Union-Stockton
· 91 Owl

Feel free to line up along the route and ask for a public-transit bailout.


  • All three cable car lines will be affected as well.

  • Roger A

    Since the president is handing out money left and right to every business known to man and we are still in a recession – matter of fact, going back into one – then maybe he should say “San Francisco can get free rides on MUNI… here is some money for that too!”

    Its the least he can do while he is here…

  • Daishin

    I was fortunate to have dinner with the president at Gordon and Anne Getty’s home. I did ask him about his policies on public transit, and shared with him my experiences on MUNI. He laughed and asked “What’s MUNI?”

  • 原来如此

    我终于看到这张。你写‘that one’ 的意思是因为普通话‘那个’的发音是吗?

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