Weekend Photos: Stand behind the yellow line

Stay behind the yellow line.
Photo by rkallerud

Are the rains finally over? This weekend sure is shaping up to be a wildly un-S.F. one, weather-wise. Enjoy, and don’t bake yourselves too much (take that to mean what you will). Also don’t forget to come see and/or buy Muni and BART art tonight at Secession. Come prepared to share Muni stories in our storytelling tent, too. Next stop, fun town.

Here’s the week’s Muni news to tickle your brain:

– Fire truck, Muni bus clip each other’s mirrors (SF Examiner)
– Parking Tax Revenue Measure for Muni Makes Its Way to Supervisors (Streetsblog SF)
– October 2010 to see the last paper Fast Pass (Muni Diaries)
– Muni operators set to vote on concessions deal (City Insider/SFGate)
– Treasure Island may get new Muni line (SF Examiner)
– Alledged Bus Tagger Busted at 24th Street BART Station (Mission Local)
– List of artists for Central Subway project whittled down (SF Examiner, via SF Appeal)

Enjoy, and we’ll see you Monday. xoxo

Photo by Brandon Doran

Antique Electric Bus/Train
Photo by prayitno

Fine, Let's Take The Bus
Photo by Troy Holden

Photo by mr.skeleton

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