More paper Fast Pass extinction dates

another month, another muni pass
Photo by chuckbiscuito

A couple weeks ago, we told you about how Muni is phasing out the beloved colorful paper Fast Pass. At the time, we only had solid information about the adult “A” passes (the sure-to-be-a-collectors-item last ones printed will be October 2010).

But Akit has awesomely dug more information, and he reports the following:

  • Youth and Senior paper passes will end February 2011. The last paper passes will be issued for January 2011.
  • Adult “M” Muni Only paper passes will end April 2011. The last paper pass will be issued for March 2011.

So there you have it, folks. The die-hard among you can get the $60 Muni-only pass in lieu of the then-extinct $70 Muni-and-BART-within-SF pass. You know, if you want …


  • Avery St.Clair

    I am not pleased at this business of ending paper FastPasses. I LIKE the pass, and have been buying it for over 30 years. Why can’t MUNI allow us a choice in the matter? Introducing Clipper need not require ending paper passes! Enjoy the benefits of both programs. “The People’s Railway”? Evidently not. The Golden Gate Bridge ended their prepaid tickets back when they phased in FastTrak. Now everyone waits in line clear across the bridge, while tolltakers handle cash and make change — they could simply be taking a prepaid card. Numbskull managers blundered there; now MUNI makes the same mistake. I am NOT pleased.

  • Carl

    Totally agree. This is unreasonable. I am so sick of MUNI getting away with these ridiculous decisions. And such poor management. Go to other cities – their public transit works!!!! This is terrible.

  • James O'Boston

    Good luck finding another city where mass transit accepts paper passes… properly implemented, cards should work fine. The Clipper program here is an operational disaster no matter how hard I try to find rational reasons for the way it’s been implemented.

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