Muni Playlist: From Kanye to Kerouac

SF Muni
Photo by laughlin

Early last week, we asked you what you were listening to on Muni. We can’t help it: we want to know what’s emanating from those sexy earbuds you’ve got in there, drowning out the noise around you as you slip into your own private headspace.

Today’s playlist is the A side, if you will, of the musical selections you sent us via comments and tweets. The B side (in no way inferior to this one) drops next week. Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out what your fellow Muni riders are rocking out to. Here they are, in their own words:

  • @anniebanannie kanye west (we took the liberty of choosing “Heartless”)
  • @revunderpants #Pavement! (we chose “Gold Soundz”)
  • @tonyriggins Jeezy “Put On” … for my city. Perfect for people watching on the Embarcadero
  • Lola LCD Soundsystem (This is Happening), Massive Attack (Heligoland), Matt and Kim (Grand), and Broken Social Scene (Forgiveness Rock Record)
  • Dancing Penguin Dog&Panther – Love Make // The Sweet Serenades – Die Young // Neon Walrus – We Don’t Matter // We Are Enfant Terrible – Seagull // Bonaparte – My Body is a Battlefield // MNDR – I go away…
  • Andrea My morning entertainment this morning was . . . Blues and Haikus – from Jack Kerouac, Al Cohn and Zoot Zims.
  • Sam “Bulletproof” by La Roux

For your listening (and possibly viewing, if you’ve got that kind of time in your day) pleasure, we’ve created another Muni Playlist on YouTube. Enjoy!

Want another soundtrack from the bus? Check out last fall’s Muni playlist,


  • Roger A

    What is the obsession with La Roux – Bulletproof? Its a very old song that I first heard working at Crunch – its OOOOLLDDD

    • eugenia

      I am STILL obsessed with La Roux myself! Love this remix of In For The Kill:

    • To which I respond: What’s the obsession with “new”? Old, new … good music is good music. And, ahem, a matter ultimately of personal taste. Unless we’re talking Four Non-Blondes. Heh.

      • Roger A

        Thank you for avoiding the question. I did not say the obsession was “new” or “old” I said specifically with that one song, and referred to it as old.

        I agree, its a good song – and 4-Non Blondes are an SF staple, I should bite me thumb at you sir for talking sheizneizza about them.

        • oh, your emphasis on “very old” and “OOOOLLDDD” threw me off. apologies. as to the obsession with “Bulletproof,” i have no idea. i hadn’t heard the song until it was mentioned by Sam.

          being an SF staple doesn’t stop 4NB from being one of the absolute worst bands in the history of terrible bands. and yes, this subject was the first (and still one of the only) sources of debate between me and my future mrs.

          coincidently, i’m listening to Wings’ “Live and Let Die” right now. awesome!

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