About this weekend’s ‘detorus’

Delays & Detorus
Photo by chainsmokingbluemonkey

A few of you keen observers spotted something rather peculiar this weekend, even by Muni standards. Citywide, Muni’s NextBus marquees displayed the message above concerning Muni service and Sunday’s SF Marathon. It was one of those errors introduced “upstream,” as they say, evidenced by lachtaylor‘s iPhone screenshot:

“Detorus,” eh? I think that’s Latin for “detour.”

Hey, maybe Sarah Palin should hire this Muni copywriter. You betcha!

Also, in case you missed it, another Muni-SF Marathon FAIL.


  • Yeah, it was pretty funny.
    This morning I also walked past some of those signs telling people where they could catch the 53 Southern Heights… Where they also misspelled Alameda St. as Alemeda St.

    • Is it forgivable, seeing as how they probably have no money for a fact-checker/proofreader? Open question.

      • I don’t know, Jeff… Shouldn’t everyone at Muni know which lines were eliminated, and secondly, shouldn’t we know how to spell the street names in our fair city? Maybe we can offer our fact checking services free of charge. On second thought, Nah. We’d be inundated with work!

  • Ah ha…I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Haha!

  • citi-zen

    On friday, when trying to figure out a muni plan for sunday, I just got stuck in a loop of websites pointing to each other, but NO muni info on which lines were impacted or how. Oh well….
    On the spelling, I ride the 1BX home most days, headed towards “Geray”. There are also two stops at the beginning of the route, Davis & Pine, then Pine & Davis – I’m still curious if the bus stops at one corner, then turns the corner & picks up more people?

    I still laugh at the memory of the post-December line changes when the 1 crossed San-So-Me street……………

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